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Kelsey Phillips from Vacasa joins me today as a special guest to discuss the ins and outs of vacation rentals.

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Vacasa is a vacation rental property management company that provides services all over the world—from the U.S., to Europe, and even to South America and Africa. They have a corporate office located in Portland, as well as three local teams that manage the homes of the various parts of the Tahoe area.

I’m joined today by Kelsey Phillips, who works for Vacasa, to talk about the company, the services they offer, and about vacation rentals in general.

For your convenience, I have provided timestamps below so you can navigate our conversation in the video above at your leisure:

0:50—Where do most of Kelsey’s vacation mergers come from?

2:20—What condition does a home need to be in for it to be considered rentable?

3:30—What two factors help attract vacation renters, regardless of the home’s type?

3:55—The challenges that vacation homeowners face

5:49—What kind of occupancy rate can homeowners expect?

7:00—What kind of return can vacation homeowners expect when they rent their home?

8:39—Tips for those looking to enter the vacation rental market

9:50—How long does it take for Vacasa to respond to inquiries?

10:40—Things to consider when buying a vacation rental property

12:10—What does Vacasa do to screen tenants in order to prevent disturbances and other issues?

13:45—More about Vacasa’s services

I’m so thankful that Kelsey could stop by and have this conversation with me. If you’d like to get in touch with her to learn more about Vacasa and vacation rentals, you can give her a call at (520) 337-4420 or email her at

For other real estate questions you may have, you can always reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you.