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The successful sale of your home in our market isn’t always a given. There are certain strategies you’ll want to follow. Here are the three.

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This may be news to you, but 25% of all home listings in the Tahoe/Truckee area either expire or are removed from the market following the first time they are listed. That means 25% of sellers have to wait several months before getting their home sold.  

There are three strategies you can abide by to ensure that, when your house first goes on the market, your listing doesn’t suffer the same fate:

1. Price your home correctly by looking at how much similar homes have sold for. Prices are neither surging nor dropping; they’re staying fairly level at this time. When preparing to sell your home, look at what comparable homes have sold for—don’t be led astray by what they were listed for. Gauging the actual sale price of homes similar to yours will help you properly price your own home.

2. Ensure that your home is properly staged. This strategy cannot be overstated. Put forth the effort to make sure your home is clean, smells good, and is clutter-free. These small staging measures will work in tandem to make your home appear warm, inviting, and modern.

3. Pay attention to how the market reacts to your home. Though it’s often ignored by sellers, listening to the market is no less critical than the other two strategies. Keep in mind that if your home has gone through 10 showings with no offers, it’s either because you’re overpriced or the competition is outperforming you in terms of home finishes. And if your home has not had any showings at all, you’ve simply priced your home too high. Therefore, buyers are passing on your home in favor of more appropriately priced homes or homes at lower price points.  

For help with any of these three strategies or if you have any other real estate-related questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help!