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Today I’m joined by Todd Cooker, an insurance expert who has helped many of our clients, to discuss how to deal with insurance during the buying and selling process.

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Todd Cooker has helped many of our clients obtain homeowners insurance over the years. As our expert on insurance, today he joins me today to talk about how sellers should handle insurance during the buying and selling process.

What are some things that sellers can do to make sure a policy is set up for the buyer?

As early in the process as possible, Todd recommends having the buyer reach out to an insurance agent they respect to determine if they can get insurance on the property. For years, that part of the process always came after negotiations and mortgages, but because of the current market, waiting until the end to discuss insurance could cause some people to fall out of a deal. Since it takes a couple of days to get a quote back, it’s good to get that done early in the process.

When a seller files a claim, how does that affect the next buyer to purchase that property?

Homeowners insurance works similarly to auto insurance. When a claim is filed, a record is made of the person who filed the claim as well as the property itself. Ultimately, you don’t want to have a lot of claims activity on your record; even though the buyer of your property didn’t experience the loss that the seller filed a claim for, it will still affect the policy for the property.

It’s important that both sides of the transaction know that insurance rates on a property don’t transfer from the seller to the buyer.

What other tips do you have for sellers dealing with insurance?

If sellers have owned a property for a long time, they might have a grandfathered insurance policy with a sweetheart rate that, unfortunately, might not be feasible today. Because of this, it’s important that both sides of the transaction know that insurance rates on a property don’t transfer from the seller to the buyer.

Do you see more carriers coming to our area?

Right now, fire season is just about to start all over the state; hopefully, everyone stays safe, but more carriers would help out a lot. The last few years have been catastrophic, causing the insurance market to get really tight. Fortunately, the market doesn’t stay like that forever, but with the advent of fire season, Todd suspects that more carriers will come back to our area.

If you’d like to reach out to Todd with your insurance questions, contact him at Pacific Premier Insurance at (858) 386-4443 or email him at

And always, if you have any questions or needs related to real estate, feel free to reach out to us here at Oliver Luxury Real Estate. We’d be glad to hear from you.