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Gray's Crossing

Gray's Crossing is two-minute drive from town, but feels an hour out. Wrapping through mature old Jeffrey Pine and Lodgepole forest is its namesake Peter Jacobsen/Jim Hardy-designed golf course, considered a destination play for the few out-of-towners who know about it.

For the lover of custom home design, Gray's Crossing is a must-see. Rich with award-winning designers and subtle mountain luxury, no discerning Truckee homebuyer will want to miss a tour of this gorgeous forest community. Nearby is Prosser Reservoir, multiple uncharted mountain bike trails, paved walkways, and wide open space.

Finally, the country club's built-in pub and eatery, PJ's, will no doubt quickly become a favorite gathering place for happy hour toasts, family events, and discovering what makes living in Truckee such a community affair. Ownership in Gray's Crossing provides eligibility to join the Tahoe Mountain Club, the region's premier multi-venue mountain lifestyle club.