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A defined residential area along the beautiful West Shore of Lake Tahoe, spanning Placer and El Dorado Counties, Tahoma is tucked away, but close to everything that matters.

Boasting shoreline homes and mountainous escapes, Tahoma is no doubt one of the most unique areas to live anywhere on the lake. Bordering deep, wonderful Sierra Nevada wilderness, ideal for everything outdoors, this area is thick with homes that have been family-owned for decades. Tahoma is also close to Homewood Resort, where the lake-views on the way down simply can't be matched. With campgrounds, trailheads, and state parks mingling among serene residential settings, homeowners are reminded that they live in a place where people come for vacation. It's not always easy to find the right match in Tahoma, but when something does hit the market, lake buyers should look hard, and act fast.